The best things in life are Experiences !

Experiences are more valuable than possessions. Over time, you may feel a waning sense of satisfaction with the things you buy, but the rich memories of people and places remain with you for life and grow in value.

Travel makes you feel alive

During your travels there will be times when you'll get an overwhelming sense that there's absolutely nowhere you would rather be and nothing else you'd rather be doing.

Shared moments are invaluable

People you encounter along the way can always be relied on to make things interesting. Your interactions with locals and travellers you meet make all the difference and can sometimes begin lifelong friendships. 

You get to know yourself better

When you travel the world, you’re bound to discover what fascinates you, excites you or even frightens you. Away from your usual routine, you’ll discover more about yourself and what you’re capable of.

Travel makes you more accepting and understanding of the world

Being exposed to different cultures, customs and assumptions as you travel can be both enjoyable and challenging. You’ll almost certainly return home feeling more worldly wise.   

Travelling means you’ll remember more of your life

Back home, months and years can blend into each other. When you look back on your travels, you will be able to recall events with much more clarity and enthusiasm compared with your usual routine.

No-one remembers what they nearly did!

Life is short - do you want to remember all the times you thought about travelling or the time you actually went?

The world is waiting for you, what are you waiting for?

Hope I will help you to get the Best experience to design your future Travel.

Carla Charlotte, CO Founder of Travels.Best

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    Passionate traveler, here I share my world and my encounters as I live them: with curiosity, tenderness, simplicity and emotions!

    Since 4 years I am travelling the worls, and now I want to share my best tips and inspiration to help you to get the BEST Travels' experiences.


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